Our handcrafted Tipis

The magic of Tipi Event spaces is undeniable. We manufacture a range of Event Tipis in the UK to meet every event need, no matter how big or small. When you buy from Kata Tipis you are buying into our sustainable ethos, detailed craftsmanship and support for British quality. You are not just buying a product, you are buying a crafted, magical space which will bring wonder and awe to all who experience it.

The big one

Giant Hat Kata Tipi

The largest Tipi in our range, with a capacity for 70 people seated & 120 standing. The unique design allows it’s sides to be raised, but also allows as many Tipis as you desire to be joined together.

The medium one

Midi Hat Kata Tipi

The little brother borrows the unique design elements of the Giant Hat Kata, allowing for the sides to be raised and as many Tipis as uou desire to be linked together.

The perfect addition

Midi Kata Tipi

For a small function the Midi kata is perfect. It can be used as a stand alone structure to accommodate a small group of people. Perfect for a private party, wedding or corporate function where the norm is not an option.

The small one

Mini Kata Tipi

Equally at home as part of a larger event structure or on it’s own, our Mini Hat is quick to erect and provides a stylish, yet simple canopy for entertaining.

Glamping Tipi

Kata Glamp Tipi

When the sun goes down and you need to rest your head, kick off your shoes and relax in the spacious & airy Kata Glamp Tipi.

All of our Tipis come with the Kata Tipi promise.

Quality British forestry

Ethically sourced from UK forests. Every pole hand-selected by our experts.

Canvas technology

Our tipis are made from the latest fabrics with Inherently flame retardant technology.

Durable stitching

The quality of our stitching and yarn, ensures the strength and longevity of our tipis.

Whittled poles

Whittled in Hampshire. Our poles are selected from slow-growing trees growing in the heathland forests of the South-East.

Built to last

All our metal fixings, both on the poles and all the ground stakes provided are zinc plated. Ensuring they remain rust free for the life of the tipi.

Structural stability

Our tipis have been structurally tested in all their configurations to meet the British standard for temporary structures BS EN1782

Customise your space


Enhance the tipi experience with our specially selected accessories. We offer a range of extra features which perfectly complement our tipis. All of our accessories uniquely blend with the crafted nature of our products, helping to create an unequalled experience.

Whether you want to weatherproof your Tipi from the elements, with our Clear PVC Wall system, to furnishing your Tipis with our handmade furniture & firepits, we have got every event need covered.