Some of the best times are had with a few special people. We have designed and created the Midi kata tipi to bring the unique tipi experience to smaller spaces. For a small function the Midi kata is perfect. It can be used as a stand alone structure to accommodate a small group of people. Perfect for a private party, wedding or corporate function where the norm
is not an option. Opening up the sides can allow for guests to see the beautiful scenery, whilst closing them allows for people to connect and experience each others company in a unique space.

Where the Midi kata really excels is when it is used in addition to a Giant Hat kata. It can make for the perfect break out space. Why not combine it with a fire pit for that extra something special or use it as a place for a bar with vintage
sofas and low lighting to create that tranquil vibe. Whatever you need, bringing the tipi experience to smaller spaces is done with the cosy but beautiful Midi kata tipi.