The team behind Kata Tipis has over 50 years experience in their respective fields. Together we help create tipis that have quality flowing through every stitch and pole.
We believe in the sustainability of our products, which are ethically and locally sourced. Our trees are specially selected from forests in the South East of the UK by Oliver, who has single-handedly felled and replanted over 100,000 trees in his lifetime.
He knows more about picking the perfect tipi pole than the original nomads themselves!
Our canvas is created by seamstresses who have over 50,000 hours of joint experience producing bespoke canvas products.

At Kata Tipis we are looking to create long-term partnerships with our customers. When you buy from us you aren’t just buying a tipi, you are contributing to supporting local UK suppliers. These suppliers support numerous businesses and families across the UK.
We know, as our customers, you expect and demand quality.
We have ensured that the product we developed and supply is equal to those expectations.

Definition of ‘Expert’ : A person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area.

We are not pretentious enough to pretend we know everything, but we know a thing or two about Tipis. We have first hand experience of the rental market, running venues & event management, and running successful businesses.


The Kata promise is that we will be open and share our knowledge & insight, whether specific to Tipis or you need some advice on setting up your business. We have an in house graphic designer to help with branding, logos etc and we also have a chartered accountant in our team…sssh!

Whatever your Tipi journey, we will support you along the way, no matter what.

That is our ‘Support promise’.



  • 24/7 Telephone support – We never close! We always have someone on standby to answer you questions for anyting tipi or business related
  • Tablet tipi training – comprehensive training of how to erect, dismantle and link your tipis in an interactive tablet. Take it to each job and refer back to the techical details of how to safely put up your tipi structures
  • On-site consultancy – One of the team will come and provide on-site training of how to safely construct your tipis and/or advise you on the viability of your tipi venue site and plans
  • Sub-hire of tipis and accessories – We hold a stock of tipis and accessories that we are able to sub-hire to you at a heavily discounted price, to ensure you don’t miss out on bookings that require more hardware than you have!
  • Trusted network – Utilise our contacts of accountants, planners, insurance and finance specialists. They understand your business, trust our products and can help ease the burden of running a successful business